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Lean Commercialisation

There are three parts to a successful business: The Technology, The Customers and The Team/Finance. These change over time as you progress through Discovery, Traction and Growth.

We know you have the technology; the product or service you are going to sell. We help you understand the other parts – The Customers and The Team; How to gain Traction and Grow.

Lean Commercialisation is the process which combines years of research and insights from Jim Collins, Alexander Osterwalder, Prof Clayton Christensen, Verne Harnish, Geoffery Moore, etc. put together by a founder of multiple businesses in a way you can understand and use immediately.


How and Why Lean Commercialisation works

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We provide you with unlimited access to our online videos and worksheets. Why?

  1. You can watch it as many times as you like.
  2. You can select the best time for you. On the train, in the evening or weekend.
  3. Worksheets increase your effective use of time.

We have an online system specifically designed to help you. Why?

  1. It manages your insights and data as your knowledge grows.
  2. It allows you to target groups for messages.
  3. It becomes your own, industrial-strength eCommerce solution; should you need it.

A highly experienced, former CEO will facilitate your progress. Why?

  1. They will answer any questions you may have about what you’re learning.
  2. They will challenge your understanding of your business and its potential.
  3. They will make sure you really are on the right track.
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Introduction Couse
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Your Questions Answered

Do I need to work full time?

No. Many people go though the process part time, taking around six months to complete all five Discovery Stage courses at the same time as spending time with their family and combining it with their full-time job.

Do I need to patent my idea first?

No. You don’t need to discuss your idea or invention during the Discovery Stage since you are collecting information about the problems that your potential customers are facing. This means there is no requirement to have started the patenting process. However, once something that is novel and inventive has been identified, we recommend you speak to a qualified Patent Attorney to consider starting the process.

How does this save me so much money?

Lean Commercialisation turns the conventional wisdom on its head: we advocate selling the product before building it (obviously setting the right expectations for delivery). Why? Because you only need to build exactly what the customers want. No need for version 1, 2, 3, etc. before you make a sale. That has saved our clients $100,000s.

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Start the Journey

Please keep me up to date with ideas and concepts to help me make the most of my idea.


I’d like to know more, please call me to arrange my personal, complementary hour’s introduction to Lean Commercialisation.


The Courses

Complementary Introduction

Where we learn about the importance of discovery and the eight traits of success.

  1. The plan and why it works
  2. The impact of Licensing, Assigning, Products and Services.
  3. How products are adopted.
  4. The Ultimate Questions
  5. How to make this work for you

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Course 1: Users

Where we learn about customers, finance and 7 traits of success.

  1. Why is discovery important?
  2. What is important to you?
  3. The big idea
  4. How do we measure the value of an idea?
  5. What are our assumptions?
  6. The 4 parts of a research interview
  7. Do your first 10 interviews now…
  8. Worried about money? Here’s the plan…
  9. 7 Traits of success
  10. Who is your customer?

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Course 2: Problem

Where we expand our understanding of the problem

  1. How to get more from your interviews
  2. How to record the results for the future
  3. The next 50 interviewees
  4. How to manage your time
  5. 4 ways to defend yourself
  6. Who are your competitors?
  7. What Regulation & Standards should I be aware of?
  8. What have you discovered?

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Course 3: Solution

Where we see the power of the discovery and start to make our product/service.

  1. Creating the ultimate Value Proposition
  2. 5 reasons to use partners
  3. How to keep contacts interested?
  4. How to synethesize your product/service?
  5. How to creating the product/service brief
  6. How do I test my product/service?
  7. The 3 secrets of pricing
  8. Chose one of 7 revenue streams
  9. Why not license your idea?
  10. How to maintain the magic?

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Course 4: Finance

Where we define our product and what we need to make it successful

  1. Is now the right time?
  2. Your first message to contacts
  3. How do I know I’ll make a profit?
  4. How many customers are out there?
  5. 3 essential marketing concepts
  6. What are my funding options?
  7. How to engage your team and professionals
  8. Completing specification version 1
  9. Moving from product to launch

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Course 5: Launch

Where we decide to make it happen (or not).

  1. Preaparing for launch
  2. How to write an Elevator Pitch
  3. Understanding Business Plan Basics
  4. Writing your first financial plan
  5. How to write a license offer
  6. 5 principles of creating a company
  7. Ready to launch?

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Product / Service

Evidence and specifications for patent updates, asset protection, grants, family & friends, design teams, crowd funding, lawyers & accountants. In fact, the output from Discovery means you design the right product the first time, saving time, money and energy and getting to an income stream as quickly as possible.


Discovery will provide you with evidence and specification for patent updates, asset protection, and license offer document. You’ll also know who are mostly likely to purchase your license so you can negotiate the best deal.


Which ever way you go, you’ll have your own CRM populated with contacts for either eCommerce solution or licensing. This resource will be a required to take your proposition to market efficiently and effectively.

Commercialisation Tips

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